Yoga with Adriene Live….then and now

A few years ago I was lucky enough to attend a beautiful yoga event lead by Adriene in Bethnal Green, London. It was truly magical! Even though it was a hall FULL of people the event felt intimate and incredibly special. Fast forward to 2020 and a global pandemic and yoga still goes on! This time I joined Adriene and 900 other movers live on zoom. It was different and I had a few technical issues which was a distraction but being there in real time with the online community felt equally as intimate and connecting. Adriene has a beautiful knack for saying just the right thing in just the right dose, and the message always feels so fitting to what I have going on at the present. Both were very different settings but a true testiment that yoga can be adapted to any situation and is just as valid now as it has ever been. Forever grateful for this practice.